Brief Introduction
HaiYang DaYang Sewing Products Co.,Ltd is situated in the beautiful and richly endowed JiaoDong Peninsula, Which is also located in the juncture of the three cities of QingDao YanTai and WeiHai, With highways radiating in all directions.The city of HaiYang where the our company has been established is famous for its good reputation as “Well-Known Sweaters City of CHINA”.
HaiYang DaYang Sewing Products Co.,Ltd was founded in March of 1993,From the very beginning of the establishment of the company,We have attached great importance to the improvement of the technical capability and the worker's quality, Undergoing several years of unremitting efforts, The company leaves a deep impression on the domestic and overseas friends for its ample technical capability ?? plentiful experience and the well-trained workers.
Our company majors in sweaters and hand-crocheted series , The annual volume of export of which is 800,000pcs.
The principle that we always adhere to is ”Sincerety. Reputation. Quality and Eternity”
Mr Wang GuoQuan, our general manager of HaiYang DaYang Sewing Products Co.,Ltd,welcomes all the friends from all over the world to negotiate the matters of cooperation and seek common development.

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